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Other specialties include: enneagram exploration, chronic pain and illness, Highly Sensitive Persons and body acceptance

Identity Development
Our view of ourselves can have a great effect on how we show up in the world. It is not uncommon to have the question, "who am I?" as we move into different seasons of life. Self-understanding is a constant journey and an important part of mental well-being. Becoming more grounded in your identity can also have a positive impact on your relationships. Together, we can explore your unique personality, values, strengths and personal history in order to enhance your self-understanding and begin to heal your concept of self.

Stress & Anxiety
We live in a busy world and a perfectionistic culture. There is always more to be done and improved on and it can feel never-ending. We are also coming out a season of collective trauma that has taken a toll on many of us. Burnout is high and daily life can feel extremely overwhelming. If you can relate to this, you're not alone and there is hope. I am here to support you in the overwhelm and help you learn how to regulate your emotions so that you can feel more grounded, present, and whole in your life.

Women's Issues
While individuals of all genders have unique needs, I specialize in helping women walk through the plethora of challenges that face them. Women often play a number of roles in their lives and feel the need to live up to certain societal expectations. Women also experience monthly rhythms of hormonal changes as well as changes throughout the life span. Along with this can come mood changes, chronic pain, body image issues, disordered eating, sexual dysfunction, identity questions and much more. Being a woman is tough! It is also really beautiful. I would love to come alongside you during this wild ride and give you space to feel, process, and heal as you walk through the world.

Faith Issues
Faith and spirituality can also play a big role in how we view ourselves and the world. Spirituality can be a tender topic because it is often entwined with family of origin and community. Evolving faith can be a painful and lonely process. I would be honored to hold space for you as you question, rejoice, grieve, or wonder in your faith journey. 
While I welcome people of all faiths, it is important to note that I was trained with the integration of the Christian tradition. I will not integrate faith into sessions unless desired by the client.

Life Transitions & Career Exploration
Denver is a transient city and life transitions are inevitable. Moving to a new city or starting a new career can be overwhelming. I am experienced in working with young adults going through various life transitions. Whether the transition feels big or small, I can offer a soft place place to land during the process.

I am also experienced in working with college students and young adults who are exploring their career futures. I'm happy to provide extra support to you in your career development process.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a highly researched psychotherapy treatment. (It isn't as scary as it sounds!) This modality helps people heal from painful life experiences and build new positive thinking patterns. You can learn more about EMDR here.


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