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Creating space for your story to be heard and held.

Mental Health Therapy in Denver, CO

What clients are saying

"Casey walked with me through the very worst moments of my entire life. Her consistent compassionate honesty and focus on the truths beneath the surface gave me so much healthy room to grow and stabilize emotionally, and to really step into the fullness of my power in major turmoil and life transition.” -KV

"I’m extremely grateful for our time working together and I can’t thank you enough for creating a safe space for me to grow and heal." -IC

“When I first came to therapy, I had a desperate need to know that I was okay, and now I actually believe that I am okay…I learned how to manage my fears by being emotionally present.” -SK

"I’ll never forget your patience and compassion in our sessions and I take your counseling and guidance with me everywhere I go. You helped me find my happy place in my mind and that is something I’m forever grateful for. You have had such a positive impact on my mental health..." -AD


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I am currently offering virtual and in-person sessions. Don't hesitate to reach out using the information below!

Call or Text: 720-593-1114


Denver, Colorado

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I will do my best to respond within two business days.

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